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We want you to have the best viewing experience possible. Here are some frequently asked questions and the answers to those questions.


1. What is required to view videos on

Videos can be viewed by any desktop, iPad, iPhone, Android, or other mobile device except Blackberry devices.


2. Do you require cookies to be enabled?

Yes, cookies are required to view this website. Please see your web browser’s Help file for information on enabling cookies.


3. Can I download videos from

Many of our programs are available as downloads. Additionally, you can order a DVD or CD of many of our programs. Please call us at 877-520-4321 or send an email to ruthking AT if you would like to order a DVD or CD.


4. What does “bandwidth” mean, and what is the difference between 56K and 300K?

Bandwidth describes your connection speed to the Internet. The lower the number, the slower your Internet connection. So, 56K is a slower connection than 300K.


5. Even though I have all the system requirements, why can’t I see or hear any videos?

First, your company might have a firewall which does not allow videos through. You many need to configure firewall settings on your local computer to allow connections to our servers. Also, your computer may be on a network that includes a network-wide firewall. Talk to your IT professional to allow connection to our servers.

Second, you must ensure that you have speakers connected to your computer’s audio card and that those speakers are turned on with the internal and external settings.


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